MRAs VS Feminists

Here is my take on MRAs. (Mens rights activists).I am not a member of any MRA organization and I admit that my experience of MRAs is limited so this is just my opinion. I have visited some MRM websites and have found little evidence of misogyny. Most MRAs are quite open about their contempt for feminism, as am I, but I can find little evidence of hatred of women within their movement.

I have debated with MRAs on other sites and (with one exception) I have found no evidence of animosity towards women in their responses even when women are vehemently disagreeing with them. Feminism (of which I have considerable experience) is bristling with hatred of men in general. Feminist literature, theory and activism is positively boiling with anti-male rhetoric of the most bigoted and virulent kind.

Feminists online (with a few exceptions) react with extreme hatred to anyone who disagrees with their pronouncements. Feminists generally respond to anyone who dissents from their views by first, accusing them of being abusive, then screaming insults in an attempt to silence them and finally blocking them from responding.

Everybody is familiar with their tactics, which if anything just go to prove that they have no confidence in their own arguments. If there is a little battle for hearts and minds being fought between feminists and MRAs on the internet, then the MRAs are slowly begining to gain the upper hand.

Try this at home. Log on to any feminist website and post a response, very politely taking issue with one of their articles. You will be called a misogynist and blocked from the thread. It is telling that MRM websites almost never employ these blocking tactics. They don’t need to because they have confidence in their own arguments.

Feminists are constantly implying that their movement represents all women. It does not. Most women are not feminists and most MRAs seem to be very aware of that. MRAs claim to represent the interests of men and boys but they do not claim that they have the support of all or even most men.

So from what I can see the differences are very clear. MRAs display contempt for feminism, not women. Feminists display contempt for men, not just MRAs. That’s the difference.