More Feminist Paranoia

More Feminist Paranoia.

Loathe as I am to include a link to the festering mountain of infantile tripe that is, I couldn’t help being struck by this video.

The video shows men in public places allegedly “leering” at women. Yes when a man dares to look at a woman he finds attractive, he is leering. The video is tagged with the words “rape culture” and “sexual harassment”. The video is an advertisement for TV in India that I can only assume is designed to shame men for having perfectly normal and natural sexual desires.

But wait. None of the women in this video were sexually harassed, never mind raped. None of the men touched any of the women. So what exactly is the point that this advert is trying to make. Are we now being told that men should not look at us? Are we being told that being looked at is being harassed? Are the makers of this video seriously trying to eliminate all forms of normal sexual expression?

The advert made the point that when the men realized they had been caught looking at the women, they turned away self-consciously. Well of course they did. They instinctively averted their gaze because they did not want to be rude or intimidating. This is also normal human behavior. If men did not “leer” at women then the human species would be long since extinct.

Men should not take this advert as an insult. It is actually a tribute to their good manners and self control. It is further proof if any more is needed, that while most men are attracted to women, most men (not all) do not have any desire to bully, intimidate or harass women in any way.

This is just one more example of the pathetic, whining, victim mentality of feminism. Its message is very simple – I’m a woman, hear me snivel. A man looked at me today. Whaaaaaaa, I’m a victim. Pathetic!

I look forward to the next update of feministing’s bizarre logic. What’s next? A campaign to persuade cats not to chase mice.