Feminism VS Femininity

“Where are all the good men gone?” As soon as the presenter asked that question, I began to tune out. I had heard the question so many times before. It is always asked in a sort of self-pitying rhetorical tone. It’s a question that nobody would dare to try to answer objectively. I turned off the TV and grabbed my keys. I was going to collect my friend from the airport.

My friend Tatiana was arriving on a flight from London where she had worked for two years. She was coming to Dublin as a fully qualified veterinary doctor to set up her own practice. I was delighted to be welcoming my oldest friend to the country where I had settled.

Tati strode through the arrivals gate with the grace of a gazelle. She was wearing a long tight skirt, a short red jacket and red heels. Her mane of silky chestnut hair bounced on her shoulders as she walked. She seemed completely unaware that she had already turned every male head in the arrivals hall or of the glowering looks from the sea of lumpen “gender neutral” women that surrounded her.

I introduced Tati to my circle of friends and helped her to settle in. One day we were sitting in a cafe with a mixed group of people, Tati whispered in my ear, “It’s just like England,” she said. “The women look like men and the men look like women.” Tati was exaggerating of course.There are some very feminine women in both Ireland and England, but I could see her point.

Irish women are indoctrinated since childhood by their feminist driven culture to see femininity as a negative thing. Most of them make little or no effort to make the most of their feminine assets least they “objectify” themselves. Feminity is derided by feminism almost as much as masculinity. Most feminists are almost obsessed with an inexplicable fear of normal human sexuality. In fact I believe it is this prissy, prudish hatred of sexuality that is the driving force behind many feminist organizations. Leading feminist writers are obsessed with it and on the streets or campuses of our cities, most feminist activism seems to be very much rooted in a sort of neo-puritan paranoia.

Add to that the fact that one of the expressed aims of modern feminism is the destruction of the nuclear family as we know it. Feminist doctrine sees marriage as slavery for women and home-makers as unpaid employees. This is what Sheila Cronin of the American National Organization of Women had to say.-

“Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the woman’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.”

These views are repeated by most of the leading lights of the feminist movement. Attacking femininity is therefore a good strategy from a feminist point of view. If men are not attracted to women then they are not going to want to marry them. It works both way I suppose and there can be nobody who is not aware that traditional marriage rates are plummeting across the English speaking world.

An Irish friend of mine once told me that she would not lower herself to any compromises to attract or keep a man, while bemoaning the fact that she was still single at thirty. Well bully for you dear, I thought. Enjoy your single life. Men make all kinds of compromises for women. It’s up to us to meet them half way. If we don’t then why should we expect any man to be attracted to us.

I went to meet my sister in law and some of her female friends one day in a pub. They all wore jeans, trainers and baggy fleeces and all were unhappily single. Two glamorous looking Italian women walked in. The young bar-man, who had given the minimum of service to my sister in law’s group, began fawning all over the Italian girls. The two Italians were not stunningly beautiful by any means, but they were all high-heels and skirts and perfume. They were 100% female.

My companions began to make remarks about how pathetic men are as the bar-man kissed up to the two Italians. Their remarks were disguised as humour but I could sense the bitterness bubbling just beneath the surface. The word “bimbo” was used with the usual implication that a woman who makes the most of her feminie charms must therefore be stupid.

Dublin has become home to hordes of pretty Polish girls who ooze femininity and have definitely attracted the interest of Irish men, not to mention the ire of the local female population. Another female friend of mine cannot understand why her male house-mate spends so many hours on foreign dating sites when there is a woman in his workplace who has made it obvious that she is keen on him. I have met the woman in question and I understand perfectly.

What the local women don’t seem to understand is that men are attracted to women. A man want’s to be with a female. Women are attracted to maleness. A woman wants a masculine man. There is nothing wrong with that. But why then would they expect a man to want a woman who is devoid of femininity?

I feel sorry for the legions of single females in Ireland. They want what everybody wants; to meet someone and find love and companionship. I just don’t get the self-defeating arrogance of refusing to make any effort to find it. If only they hadn’t jettisoned the very thing that will attract a good man in the first place – their feminity.