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  1. My name is Svetlana Voreskova. I am from Rostov on Don in the Russian Federation. I Live now in Dublin Ireland. I work as a teacher of history and languages in a college near Dublin.

    I used to think that feminists were just pathetic, insecure attention seekers who would stage petulant public hissy-fits when anyone said anything they did not approve of. After a horrible incident involving someone close to me however, I experienced the true depth of the vitriolic hatred that is at the heart of the feminist movement.

    Since then I have been studying feminist literature and investigating various feminist groups mostly in Ireland and the UK. I have attended feminist seminars and events and have even reduced myself to engaging in some of their infantile public protests. I certainly know more about feminist theory and doctrine than most feminists do as is confirmed whenever I find myself debating one of them.

    I live in a country where I enjoy equal rights and equal opportunities under the law. I am a strong, independent and educated woman. I don’t need whining feminists claiming they speak for me. If someone commits a crime against me then I will go to the police. If someone says something that offends me then I will either respond, or I will behave like an adult and get over it.

    I am tired of members of the most privileged, pampered, cosseted demographic in the history of human civilisation constantly whining about how oppressed they are, and it annoys me when these people claim to speak for all women. They do not.

    Far from being strong, empowered women demanding equality, feminists are weak, insecure people who cannot handle equality.

    • As a rule, anytime we try to put thousands of people into any group or under a heading and then try to say what they are ALL like, believe ,do , think , say, behave like…..we will be dead wrong about a percentage of those people so we will be lying about them. We will be lying to ourselves and to others if we choose to give air to such all encompassing opinions in any public way , because as adults we know (as in; it is proven, factual , reasonable and true) that 100% of any group of people are not going to be the way we are stating as a fact they are based on our own very limited experiences . Whether you group individuals by race, nationality, ancestry, club membership or color of their hair, color of their bandanas, political affiliations, sexual orientation….anything….they will not all be 100% what anyone judges them to be except for the one exception to that -they will all be human beings…..pretty much anyway. lol. For any woman who has been alive in the past 3,000 years to believe women have been the “most privileged, pampered, cosseted demographic in the history of human civilization” tells me 2 things abut Svetlana . #1 ) You may know a lot about modern feminism movements ,practices ,”whining”, but you need to go learn more about history. Most women in Biblical times could not even own land. Women in America in 1900’s could NOT run any company. There was a time not so long ago that women had no right to vote and a man in most any country could beat his wife with no repercussions even to death if he wanted to. Women have been, and many still are property in many lands , forced female circumcisions are still a huge problem.. In China female babies are pitched into rooms or alleys to die because her parents want a boy. ‘Whoops, sorry, see ya later daughter of mine, but I want a son’ .(ironic that more sons ignore their families after they marry while daughters tend to care more often for their aging parents -ask old people about that) . Foot binding crippled many hundreds of thousands of women throughout Asian history. In Ireland, teen mothers who got pregnant were shipped off then enslaved by their own churches and priests/nuns organizations there within the last 50 years. Hundreds of them had their babies forcefully removed from them against their will or they found later that their babies died very suspiciously. The guys who got these girls pregnant, what was their suffering, humiliation, pain for their ‘error’ ?? Nothing. My dear, this is what true feminism has always been fighting for- to stop injustices and cruelties inflicted on women and in America, crying out for equal representation for their taxation, under the law. We are all so glad that you personally haven’t had to deal with any negative problems from being born a woman- but don’t stick your head in the sand and act like everything is hunky-doryfor all women, everywhere. That is just plain ignorant.
      #2) that you are, in fact, a man.
      It has to be one or the other.
      Yes,radical feminazi’s are irritatingly obnoxious just as radical conservationists can be. Even so, the non-radical avenues of both causes are worth standing up for and much needed and appreciated.

      • Again, as you feminists always do, you use emotion instead of rational argument. “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few” “Control your emotions or they will control you”.

        1. Not only could most women not own land, but neither could most men. Reality check. In historical times it was wealth and class that gave you power, not gender.

        2. Reality check. Historically companies were run using a system based on nepotism and not merit. Again, it all depended on your class and wealth that determined if you would run a company. Nothing to do with gender.

        3. Most men could not vote at the same time women could not vote. Again your twisting the logic with emotion and selective facts. The only reason some men could vote was because of either their class, wealth or military service.

        4. Where is the law saying a man had the right to beat his wife to death with no repercussions?

        5. You complain about forced female genital mutilation, but conveniently forget the huge industry based around the genital mutilation of males, known as circumcision, which is pervasively normalized in the West. What about the millions of African men and boys being subjected to unnecessary circumcision under the false guise of HIV prevention using barbaric stone age practices via the Pre Pex device, a practice that is endorsed by the UN and billionaire philanthropists as ethical!

        You also conveniently leave out that central role women play in perpetuating the cultural practice of female genital mutilation in the societies where female genital mutilation occurs. This is a cultural practice forced on women by women.

        6. In my experience it has been the men who take a keen interest in looking after their aging parents. Again your making broad generalizations and passing them off as fact. No substance.

        7. Cultural practices such as foot binding and preference for boys are practices ENDORSED by women, being exclusively promoted and driven by women themselves!

        8. I can’t imagine many male priests being involved with girls abortions. That sounds like something that would have been the exclusive domain of nuns. Again, you are silent on the mistreatment of women by women.

        9. You say everything is not hunky dory for all women everywhere. Reality check. Judging another culture by your own experience as a Western woman , betrays your complete naivety at the role women play in perpetuating these ‘anti-women’ cultural practices you so vehemently oppose. But you never criticize women for harming other women. Instead you always blame the man.

        Are you expecting me to believe that all this harm towards women happens in a vacuum where other women are not complicit?

        10. Nothing rational about your rambling. Nothing more irritatingly obnoxious than radicals passing themselves off as moderates.

      • Strong, independent women don’t need feminism and special ‘treatment’ via work quota’s etc to succeed anymore. We are strong enough to succeed without it now. Feminism has done its job very successfully – we have the vote, property rights, rights to equal education etc Today it has no more useful function other than to seek petty squabbles and imagined inequalities to justify its continued existence and has morphed into a man and children hating ideology.

    • yea Lana ur a weasel of a woman who hates on american women and ur a Russian troll …. how much you getting paid for hating on american women ??lmffo
      hows that Irish life style working for you? u must hate it since u also hate on them, i know u went to Ireland to get of of poverty from Russia lmffo

      remember how u threatened women on exp proj by way of weapon with plow? lmffo

      and here u sit behind a computer screen acting all worthy lmffo ur fake and ur a liar and for you to go back nearly 200 years to dig up shet to justify ur hatred on women …..seems like a far fetch idea, poor poor u cant u get attention some other way !!

    • Svetlana, I have been a follower of yours on medium for some time. I think you have important ideas and are good at articulating and substantiating them. You need a wider audience and I think a youtube channel would help you to reach more people. I realize this costs money but would happily be your first subscriber and I imagine many of your other followers on medium would support you in this.

  2. Мне нравится ваш новый сайт моего друга. Я подозреваю, что многие не будут. Говорить правду не пользуется популярностью. Тост за вас на Рождество.

    • Hi Alex I would be happy to answer any question about my blog but I could not find an email address to mail you. If you want you can just ask me whatever it is on this blog.

  3. Lana,

    I must say I enjoyed reading through all your articles, it is refreshing to see a strong, independent, and intelligent woman who has commen sense and logic on her side as well as a great sense of humor and witicism. WIth your permission, I’d like to direct folks over at A Voice for Men here in the US to link some of your articles; they are excellent reads and you seem to have a wealth of knowledge and experience on feminism that many others there could benefit from. Thanks again for your well written material, and I look forward to reading more!


    • Hi Amanda.

      That blog is a result of a run in with some radical feminists. They put up a series of blogs using my name and my photo. They’re were several different ones casting me as a prostitute, a terrorist or a right-wing fanatic. They sent links to my employers and family. I managed to get most of them taken down but they keep popping up again.

      • Hi Lana.

        Thank you so much to answear.

        I already suspect that, because is very inconsistent. I follow your scripts and one feminist put this link to me. I ask directly to you to stop this dirty defamation. Sorry by my english. I’m a Italian woman sick of feminists and its good to see another inteligent woman debunk the feminists lies.

      • I read some of your interesting discussions on feminism. I also happened to come upon some of the rather checkered web sites attributed to your persona. It all screams cognitive dissonance, to say the least.

        Worst of all, it suggests a bait and switch. Suspicion in the veracity of your persona. Think virtual honeypot: pretty Russian lady; educated; championing the defense of men against at least the most radical of feminists. Too good to be true? A double agent ready to renege?


        Ok. Enough of my vivid imagination. My apologies in advance for casting aspersion. And that I have the advantage of anonymity. Nevertheless, you know very well the saying: trust, but verify.

        For now, I trust your disavowal of what I find very sordid web sites attributed to you. I find your comments interesting on these topics.

        As to myself, I’m for good natured relationships between men and women. As individuals. Eye to eye. Heart to heart. Mind to mind. Done outside a prism of monolithic identity politics, be it feminism or something like MGTOW. My observation is that too many individuals to their detriment do take an identity approach first.

        I’m especially keen on the statistics of relationships and marriage. For example, 70% of marriages in the USA between couples with college degrees prosper. No divorce. Very low incidence of cheating.

        The vast majority of divorces in the USA are between couples that have no or 1 college degree. 70% of divorces are initiated by women, of which 90% are college educated. One more important statistic in this context…the ratio of college graduates in the USA is 57:43 between women and men.

        I’m reading similar things about your country Russia. Throw in the demographic disparity. I read the ratio of women:men is 100:86 in the 30+ age group.

        I think these number shed some important light on modern relationships between men and women.

        All the best.

        PS. Hope I did not offend.

  4. I read where you and a male friend of yours on exp…. project threatened to use weapons on other members there that are feminst.

  5. Respected ma’am i like whatever you wrote in your blogs.
    Ma’am I have a small request may i please ask you for one help to me please ma’am may i say?

  6. hi svetlana – are you still aound? and blogging somewhere?
    It’s so great that there are still women who can see form a holistic point of view rather than just through the eyes of ones sex

  7. Just stumbled across some of your writings. Undoubtedly some women have had horrible experiences. However, confusing “assault” with “inappropriate” so that everyone can be included is counterproductive. At this point, I can’t imagine even trying to date someone. What a nightmare.

    So refreshing to see well written, thoughtful answers in the face of shrill and strident closed minds.

    You go, girl.

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