The Death of Chivalry.

I mourn the passing of chivalry as do most women, as evidenced by the constant cries of “what happened to chivalry” we see almost daily in the media. I don’t want to see a return to the gender roles of the middle-ages which is just what I’m sure feminists will accuse me of wishing for. I simply point out that men are generally happy to treat women with gentility and respect, where women are willing to return that respect. The problem is that men have been force-fed a diet of constant misandry for decades now. The contempt and ridicule for men that oozes from every pore of our modern western societies has had the inevitable effect of causing a collapse in the traditional respect which men once had for women.

Feminists have been demanding that men treat women the same as they treat other men. Unfortunately for most women, men are beginning to do just that, and women don’t like it very much at all. I have seen women get away with the kind of behaviour which would certainly have earned a man a punch in the mouth. This is changing too and women are beginning to learn that punches in the mouth are not much fun.

A documentary on Ireland’s national broadcaster recently showed the scenes of drunken chaos that have become a feature of Saturday nights on the streets of Dublin. It focused on incidents of women slapping, punching and spitting abuse at young men. The broadcasters expressed shock and horror at the fact that many of the men responded in kind. The last scene showed a drunken semi-naked woman in her twenties who followed a man of about the same age down the street. She punched him, spat at him and screamed obscenities at him as he tried to walk away. You could gauge the exact moment at which he suddenly had his epiphany. He turned to face her and batted away her blows with his left arm before delivering two ferocious punches to her face with his right. He then continued to walk away, leaving her lying on the pavement, sobbing hysterically, clutching her bloodied face. She was soon surrounded by her friends; more semi-naked drunks who looked vaguely female in shape. They screamed abuse at the man’s back, calling him a coward and a thug. They appealed to male passers by to avenge their friend but they were met with indifference. One man called across the street. “You want to pick a fight bitch – you’d better learn to throw a punch.” The broadcaster predictably asked “what happened to respect for women?” rather than “what happened to womanhood?”

A self-identifying feminist journalist wrote an article in the Irish Independent the next day, which railed frantically against the supposed upsurge of violence against women on the streets. I wrote to the journalist in question to point out that in fact violence against men was much more common, and that according to all the evidence cited, a woman was only likely to become a target of violence when that woman herself had initiated the violence.

The moral of the story is clear. If you want to be treated like a man then you’d better learn to throw a punch. If you want to be treated like a lady, then you need to learn how to behave like a lady. You cannot have it both ways.

Feminists like to point at some high flying female corporate drone as an example of how much it has achieved for women. They never look at the other and far larger part of the story. If you want to see the end result of feminism, I suggest a trip to Dublin. Visit O’Connell Street or Temple Bar on a Saturday night and you will find that end result in the flesh. Visit early in the evening and you will find her in a pub; obese, semi-naked, covered in tattoos, announcing loudly that she is “on the pull” and screeching obscenities at any man who is actually desperate enough to pay her any attention. Visit later in the evening and you will find her on the street, lying in the gutter in a pool of her own vomit. Give her fifteen years and she will be sitting all alone in her dingy flat wondering where all the good men have gone!

Unlike the feminist leaning journalists in the western media, I have never asked myself “what happened to chivalry?” The answer to that question is blindingly obvious to anyone who is not trying hard to ignore it. I sometimes ask – what happened to the self-respect of women? What happened to the traditional respect by men for women? What happened to the mutual respect between men and women – The answer to all those questions is complicated but it can be summed up in one word. – Feminism.


7 thoughts on “The Death of Chivalry.

  1. “Women, if you lament the loss of chivalry, look in the mirror. You have only yourselves to blame.”

    Don’t know who said this, but its apt. Thanks for another great read Svetlana.

  2. I agree. Behave like a lady and then you can demand to be treated like a lady. Behave like a man and then men will treat you like a man. I don’t want to be treated like a man.

  3. I miss chivalry too. Magdakedra is right. I want to be treated like a lady but its too late for that now because feminism has destroyed that too.

  4. I don’t miss chivalry as it is patronising behaviour toward women. But I do miss good manners, respect, and human decency. Human being the key word, one’s sex or gender shouldn’t be the factor.

  5. I don’t think chivalry is patronising if you take it to mean what it once did. Chivalry from a historical perspective was not just about women, it was about making allowances for the protection of those who were physically unable to protect themselves, including women, children and the elderly and sick. It was about accepting that society was more than just a collection of individuals and imposing civilised norms on the strong in order to protect the weak. Chivalry was originally about respect and human decency but it required that respect to work both ways.

  6. I believe that I act in a chivalrous manner toward the elderly, children, people with disabilities other men etc, however after being glared at and called a sexist and several other insults I simply don’t bother when it comes to women anymore.

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