I’m Offended ….. Whaaaaaaaa

I was arguing with a feminist at the college where I work. It is an unfortunate habit of mine. Anyway, I shot down her assertion that women have traditionally been oppressed throughout history by pointing out some basic historical fact. Unable to counter my argument she went into feminist default mode. She said that she found my analysis of her argument “offensive” and added that I had made her feel “uncomfortable.” Feminists never fail to do this in my experience. You will see them use the same tactic all over the internet all the time.

The problem with feminism is that it is an ideology based on feelings and emotions rather than fact or logic. Most feminist theory can be quite easily dismantled by anyone with an IQ higher than 10. Feminists have long given up trying to debate like adults. They have for the most part accepted at some level that their theories are built on air and that they turn to dust very quickly whenever they encounter such patriarchal inconveniences as facts based on science or history. Some feminists will instinctively resort to screaming insults when confronted with the truth. The more practiced ones however, will almost always retreat behind their ever present barricade of victimhood. It’s a cleaver strategy and it is facilitated by the politically correct culture that has pervaded every aspect of our society, partly thanks to feminism. It’s all about everybody having some kind of divine right to feel good about themselves all the time; everybody’s opinions are equally valid it seems no matter how monumentally idiotic their pronouncements may be. It is a culture that has stifled debate of any real value all over the Western World.

How many times do we see debates on important issues degenerating into childish competitions where both sides are trying to prove they are more “offended” than their opponents. In recent years in Ireland, debates on a whole range of issues from child-abuse to gay-marriage to immigration have all been watered down by political correctness to such an extent that they become pointless. Every-time someone tries to engage in any kind of dialog about any controversial issue, the usual legions of gutless, dribbling idiots come crawling out of the woodwork, wringing their hands and claiming that someone said something “offensive.” Being “offensive” has become such a career killer for broadcasters and politicians that they now try to avoid these cowardly slurs by shying away from many of the issues that really need to be discussed. Truth is irrelevant. History, biology, science of any kind – logic, objective research, scholarship: It’s all irrelevant. The only thing that really matters is that nobody feels offended!

This culture suits feminists just fine though. For an ideology so completely devoid of substance, this touchy feely culture is a godsend. A feminist will always use this well-worn get out of jail free card when confronted with the yawning emptiness of her own doctrine. She will simply say she finds you’re argument “offensive.” In our modern PC society being “offended” trumps logical argument every time and the person who is the most “offended” wins the argument. In the mind of a brainwashed idealogue, – I’m offended means that you are wrong. If I feel uncomfortable then I must be right! QED.


4 thoughts on “I’m Offended ….. Whaaaaaaaa

  1. “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”

    John F. Kennedy

    He could have been talking about feminism.

  2. Well – finger on the pulse of Irish Politics! I agree with you completely on this Lana. We have turned into a nation of whiney children. Everything is about meeeeeeeee.

  3. I’m offended. I hope you go right on being offensive Svetlana. We need more people to speak the offensive truth and we especially need women to speak out against this political correct sickness.

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